The 60s

Let me tell you a little story about that time in 2017 when I was prepping for Costume College and completely gave in to incidental peer pressure.

“Oh NO!” I said. I’m not going to make anything for the 60s theme for Costume College! That sounds kind of boring. I’ll stick to REAL historical costumes.

And then my friends started posting things like this.

Here’s a link to my 60s Pinterest board, where all these images came from.

“Oh my!” I thought. “They are going to look so glamorous! And they’ll be so comfy in those kaftans! Won’t I feel stuffy and over dressed in my corsets and big gowns?”

“No, no, I must stick to my plan! I must sew ALL THE SILK GOWNS!”

But then I watched the entirely of Mad Men while I finished my Robe a la Francaise.

So much glamour!

And I thought, “Well what fabric do I have on hand? Maybe I could just do a quickie kaftan.”


Oh. Orange crepe AND some amazing mystery pink fabric that I’d forgotten about. So maybe two dresses. I’ll just poke around and see.

Oooooo, the orange crepe would be so perfect for a style like this! So easy and comfy! What about the pink fabric?


Side cape. That was easy.

I picked up a couple of modern sewing patterns in approximately the right shapes, and got to work .

Of course, you can’t wear these dresses without accessories or the biggest hair you can get. You see the pink sling backs and purse and then gold sandals and purse? All shopped on Amazon!IMG_9591

Researching the hair was easy and so delightful! The styling, however, was another matter entirely. My first mistake was trying to use a ratty, ten year old wig with no extra hair. It was frizzy and nowhere near big enough. I ended up adding FIVE hair extensions to the wig to make it work.

The higher the hair, the closer to God.


My 1960s hair was way bigger than my 1760s hair.

But wait, there’s more! I realized I need another day time outfit. Hmm, what did I have in the stash? Oooo, all the makings for a Roman-esque costume. I bet that would look great styled as if from the 1960s Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor! Luckily, this outfit only took a few hours.

And then Costume College came, and I could not have been happier that I had made these outfits! I was comfortable (well, except my scalp maybe) and I’ve never felt so glamorous! The orange, in particular was my favorite. I felt so beautiful and never in my life did expect people to compare me to Elizabethan Taylor! It was so flattering and so kind.

I think the trick to all three of these looks was really the wig. The part I struggled with the most really brought everything together! I simply styled my natural hair over the front edge of the wig and changed the details between wearings.

The moral of this story? Don’t resist the 60s. They are a blast and just as “real” as any other historical period!

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