Vintage Derby Girl

I wanted at least one easy, comfy costume to wear to Costume College in 2015 so vintage seemed like a natural choice. Being a roller derby skater myself, I decided to draw on images from the early days of roller derby and put together a vintage roller girl costume. I couldn't wear the skates in... Continue Reading →

1890s Ball Gown

I apparently have a thing for taking an inspiration image and making it up in totally different fabrics than the original. This dress was based on an 1890s gown in pink and cream. I loved the dress, but the color scheme was just not for me. Acid green and black were also common colors in... Continue Reading →

Red Striped Regency

AKA, the Caroline Bingley. I haven't been particularly interested in Regency styles in the past, but I got a bee in my bonnet to make one. I couldn't bring myself do a frilly, girlish white gown, however. I wanted a gown that one of the bitchiest girls in all of Jane Austen's works would wear.... Continue Reading →

Striped Polonaise

Okay, so this isn't actually a robe √† la polonaise.¬†Want to know why this isn't a polonaise? Go read all about it in Kendra's fabulous article! But I'm going to keep calling it a polonaise because that's what I've called since I made it back in 2009. It's based on a variety of period sources,... Continue Reading →

Darnley Gown

The Darnley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorite portraits of QEI ever. So when I found these amazing black and gold brocade curtains at Walmart way back in 2008 or so, I knew exactly what to do with them. This fabric is basically nothing like the fabric in the portrait, but... Continue Reading →

1550s Venetian Gown

This is my third try a Venetian gown, this one is in the style of 1550s. The shape is based on Titian's A Portrait of a Lady in White, and the making of this gown was an elaborate attempt to make a gown in this style without any boning, because there's little evidence that it... Continue Reading →

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